The Institute of Homoeopathic Medicine accepts Classical Homoeopaths on the Professional Register.

New members are required to demonstrate their understanding and practice of classical homoeopathy by submitting three recent cases (initial consultation and two follow ups for each case) for assessment and evaluation.

Guidelines for case submission will be made available on receipt of the completed application form and reader-assessment fee.

An application form will be sent to you on request.

The Institute wishes to put new practitioners on a solid footing and if deemed necessary will make available mentoring and beginner support.

Members are required to sign an agreement to abide by the Institute's Code of Ethics.

Members are required to have professional indemnity insurance.

It is encouraged but not compulsory to attend ongoing conferences or seminars.

Annual subscription for the professional register is 155 euros.

Annual subscription for students not yet on the professional register is 90 euros.

Practitioners who would like to join the Professional Register of the Institute can apply for an application form by writing to:

The Institute of Homoeopathic Medicine,
Brushwood, Sneem, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Or Email: